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Here is info on the Women’s Ordination Conference I attended in Philadelphia on Sep. 18 - 20. It was excellent. Be sure to look at the Youtube video. There were present 12 countries, 19 nationalities, and 400 men and women. There were several former priests and one still in who came to dialogue.  Sr. Helen Brennan
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International Peacebilding Catholic Organizatio
Please visit the Women’s Ordination Site to view recent pictures from the Conference in Philadelphia 2015 CLICK HERE
 videos about white privilege
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Michael Morwood A New Blueprint for Religion (Click on Video’s below) Video 1 Video 2 Video 3
10,000 march in Olympia @ WOMEN’S MARCH
OLYMPIA, WA - The state capital can be known for its sleepy weekends when lawmakers tend to head home. Not the case for this Saturday. The crowd who gathered for the Women's March in Olympia far exceeded its predicted attendance. Early projections had the expected crowd to be 2,500. Olympia police officers and state leaders said it was around 10,000. Some of the attendees said they chose the state capital over Seattle because "this is where the legislators are." Among them was an 87-year-old cancer patient in hospice care, who had today's march on her bucket list. Mary Tanasse of Lacey is in hospice care for terminal ovarian cancer. We found her in a wheelchair on Capitol Way, being pushed by one of her grandsons and surrounded by her family. "I asked them, please let me live until this march because it's so important to me to model what I feel is right for my family," she said. "She has terminal ovarian cancer," said her grandson Jacob Williams. "We wanted to be here to support women's rights and civil rights but also to support her." Tanasse has 9 kids and 27 grand and great grandkids. Her extended family had originally planned to attend the Woman's March in Washington, D.C. But when they learned of her wish, they changed their plans and headed to Washington state instead. "I can't ask more than that," she said.  "I made it and it's a beautiful day. I hope this is something for all over the world not just here."   (VIDEO INTERVIEW OF MARY TANASSE CAN BE VIEWED HERE)
The Implosion of the Roman Catholic Church by Robert Mickens  /  Published on Commonweal Magazine (Click Here for Full Article) Pope Francis walks past cardinals as he leaves a consistory in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican June 28. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)
Water wells have been polluted, crops torched, forests cut down, soils poisoned, and animals killed to gain military advantage.