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CTAWW 2019
     CTA BOARD Meeting … Quarterly meeting…

Other Monthly Meetings of CTA or Affiliate Groups

Capitol Hill in Seattle

Meets the third Monday of the month at The Roanoke House, 2601 Broadway Ave E (faces Broadway) Seattle, 98102   Contact persons -  

Jeanne O'Connor 206 325-7446 or

John Dunn 206 329-3230  Will resume on September 15, 2014

Orcas Island

Meets once a month on Mondays.  Check with contact person Maura O'Neill - 360 376-3256

Snohomish County

Meets the second Thursday of the month. Place can vary.

Contact person - Rose Mary Rankins 425 776-0916  or email

South King County

Meets on the third Tuesday of the month.    Contact person - Del  Hoover 253 839-8790


St. Leo's LBGT Community meets one Sunday a month for a potluck, business meeting and sharing.

Contact person  Heidi Erdmann- 253 537-1979

CTAWW General Meeting  TBA


Western Washington

Up Coming Events:   2018 Feb. 3, 1-4 PM at St. Patrick’s Church, Capitol Hill General Meeting with guest Sr. Kathleen Pruitt April 21, 2018  at St. Patrick’s Church, Capitol Hill Meteorologist Jeff Renner will speak on Climate Science & Laudato SI in the Pacific NW Questions will follow
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