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2000 – Jeannine Grammick, SSND, Conscience and the                    Development of Doctrine: Whose Responsibility?      2001 -  Bishop Tom Gumbleton, Forgiveness Not Vengeance      2003 -  Rev. Patrick Connor, SVD with the Association for                        the Rights of Catholics in the Church (ARCC), The                        Rights of Catholics in the Church      2004 – Michael Morwood, Praying a New Story      2004 – Fr. Jim Callan and Rev. Mary Ramerman, The Future                        of the Church Is Now: Just Do It! 2005 – Robert McClory, Faithful Dissenters 2005 – Judge Terrence Carroll, Ret.,  An Evening of                  Conversation (concerning the Abuse Crisis)       2005 – Sr. Fran Ferder and Fr. John Heagle, The Sex                 Offender Mentality in the Leadership of the Church       2005 – Jeannine Gramick, A Film, In Good Conscience 2006 – Margaret Starbird, Mary Magdalene 2006 – Dr. Patricia Fresen, The Long Walk to Freedom: A                  Woman Bishop Speaks 2007 – Robert Blair Kaiser, How We Can Reclaim Our                 Church 2007 – Sr. Fran Ferder and Fr. John Heagle, What Makes Us                  Catholic? 2008 – Michael Morwood, From Sand to Solid Ground 2008 – Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, Confronting Power and                  Sex in the Catholic Church: Reclaiming the Spirit of                 Jesus 2009 – John Chuchman, Let’s Hospice Our Church and                     Spirituality and Spiritual Growth Beyond                  Hierarchical Church 2009 – Edwina Gateley, My Vision for CTA.  Our 10 th                      Anniversary Celebration 2010    Roy Bourgeois, Shattering the Glass Ceiling and The              Struggle for Justice in Latin, America Evergreen State College      2010    Bishop John Shelby Spong, Bishop Spong Speaks to                                 Catholics      2011    Sr. Fran Ferder and Fr. John Heagle, Justice Rising, Trusting                          the Emerging Spirit of Solidarity
    2011    Michael Morwood,  Lost in Translation, Reclaiming the    Radical Message of Jesus  (coming October 8)     2012     CTAWW General Meeting featuring James Carroll on video          2012     Jeannine Gramick and Frank De BernardoBuilding    Bridges in the Community          2012     Jamie Manson, The Church at a Crossroad          2012     Pink Smoke over the Vatican (documentary, in Olympia          2013     CTAWW General Meeting featuring Matthew Fox video          2013     Sister Helen Prejean on video Questioning Capital Punishment  in Olympia          2013    Fr. Helmut Schuller Conversations with Fr. Helmut Schuller - Reformist Austrian priest on National Tipping Point Tour          2013    Dr. Aimee Upjohn Light,  A Catholic Call For a More Inclusive Church, A Feminist Perspective          2014    CTAWW General Meeting. featuring video of panel discussion on The Future of Catholic Ministry          2014    Sr. Barbara Fiand, Encountering Jesus as Christ of Our Today and Tomorrow          2014    Fr. Tony Flannery, People of Conscience: Reforming the Church Today, National Tipping Point Tour          2015    CTAWW General Meeting, Guest Speaker Kathleen Pruitt, CSJP,  Nuns and the Vatican: Engaging Conversation         2015    CTAWW FALL GATHERING WITH SR. SIMONE CAMPBELL (Sept. 19, 2015)
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