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CTAWW 2019
            Joining the National Organization, CTA-USA  Will support the work of thousands of volunteers working to promote justice in our church and renewal in our society. Helps keep active a national voice for church reform. Makes you a part of the nationwide effort that is going on to transform the church from the grassroots. Entitles you to three quarterly publications. Gives you discounted registration rates for conferences. Enables you to buy tapes of conference speakers at bargain rates    Find out more about CTA-USA by going to
                         Joining CTA Western Washington The regional chapter of CTA holds two major events per year          and one general meeting. The smaller local groups meets          monthly. (see coming events page) The requested annual member donation, currently $20, is          usually made in October. The money goes to cover mailing and          other administrative costs. We provide a joint membership to both CTA National and our          local CTAWW group for $50. To join, simply mail a request to CTAWW, 1125 Broadway East,          Seattle, WA 98102 or call John at 206 329-3230 in Seattle or          Betty in Olympia at 360 357-6207. Please include your name(s)          address, telephone number and email address.

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