Recent Presentation &  Discussion with Fr. John Whitney SJ on the Synod on the Family. This event took place on Saturday, January 30, 2016 at St. Patrick’s Church in Seattle.
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CTAWW major event with Sr. Edwina Gately as Keynote speaker
CTAWW 2019
The first 3 pictures are from the Gay Pride Parade in Seattle 2012  before R-74 was passed.
Feb. 2014 where petitions were delivered to the archdiocese supporting Mike Zmuda & organizing in Olympia
CTAWW  2015 ANNUAL MEETING   Over 50 people gathered  on Feb. 21, 2015 at St. Patrick's Church in Seattle to participate  in CALL TO ACTION WESTERN WASHINGTON's 4th Annual General Meeting.  After introduction of the Board members and reports on Finances, events for the past year, the Regional CTA Conference in Sacramento, California, and development of our new web page, the  group participated in a discussion of the ongoing investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.   Our local chapter sponsored 4 prayer vigils in support of the LCWR at St. James Cathedral in May, 2012. The issue is particularly close to home in that our own Archbishop Sartain has primary responsibility for conducting the Investigation.    NUNS & THE VATICAN:   ENGAGING CONVERSATION...  Leadership Conference of Women Religious is   Our speaker was SISTER KATHLEEN PRUITT, CSJP who served as a recent President of the LCWR as well as Provincial of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace.   Her superb interactive talk was very enlightening in understanding the dynamics of this unfortunate process.   The Investigation appears to have been triggered by the decision of some Catholic healthcare organizations to support passage of Affordable Healthcare Act when many bishops opposed it because of mistaken concerns about funding for abortions. The precise concerns of the Vatican were difficult to determine from the initial announcement of the Investigation and have remained somewhat elusive as the process has evolved.   There is a clear preoccupation with issues around sexuality and gender.   The LCWR, which represents more than 80 percent of the approximately 51,600 women religious, has retained its integrity in the process and has resisted attempts of have clerics oversee its meeting agenda and speakers.   Sr. Kathleen indicated that Archbishop Sartain has been given an impossible mission and is trying to carry out his role with respect and restraint. It is somewhat bizarre that the process was launched by Cardinal Levada at the Congregation for Defense of the Faith without any consultation with the Congregation for Religious that would typically oversee organizations of religious women.   There is hope that this issue, like the recently concluded Vatican Visitation of several groups or religious women will conclude on a reconciliatory note.    In closing her very informative presentation, Sister Kathleen invited all of us as laity to embrace the values that have characterized the spirit in which the LCWR has dealt with this challenge.   She called on us to live out our Baptismal identities as Priests, Prophets, and Kings as Contemplative Critics, Prophetic Risk Takers, and Radical Reconcilers.  Evaluations of the day ranked Sr. Kathleen as outstanding not only for the information she shared but even more so, the Inspiration she provided to us all.
CTAWW General Meeting Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015 with Presenter: Sr. Kathleen Pruitt CSJP

Western Washington

Fr. John Whitney SJ gave an inspiring and informative presentation on the present context of the Synod on the Family. Discussion and sharing was lively. Below is a definition of Synod: “Synod” means “journeying together.” And indeed pastors and lay people from every part of the world have come to Rome, bringing the voice of their particular Churches, in order to help today’s families walk the path of the Gospel with their gaze fixed on Jesus.
Below the rotating images of our Synod on the family Presentation we have a video of the event in two parts. Click on parts one and two to enjoy our evening at St. Joseph’s Church in Seattle hosting the CTAWW event. Participants were gathered from many parishes in the Archdiocese of Seattle.
PART ONE - “Voices of the Church” with Fr. John Whitney SJ
PART TWO - “Voices of the Church” with Fr. John Whitney SJ
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CTAWW FALL GATHERING WITH SR. SIMONE CAMPBELL (Sept. 19, 2015) Click on theVideos of her presentation below (turn up your volume)