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CTAWW 2015
The purposes of Call To Action - Western Washington (CTAWW) are religious, educational, and charitable.  It is our goal to help effect changes in the Catholic Church.  We embrace the national Call To Action platform and pledge ourselves to pursue, with the total Catholic community, the key reforms set forth in the following mission statement and the goals adopted for 2014-2015  
We are people of God called by the renewing Spirit of Vatican II to be prophetic voices in our church and the world in modeling the Gospel of Jesus.  Our goals for 2014-2015 are to: Promote a sense of community, fellowship, and mutual support in Call To Action, locally and nationally. Offer educational events and resources that contribute to the understanding of issues in light of evolving theological development. Promote advocacy on issues central to a just and inclusive church. Promote visibility of CTAWW in the wihole community.

Call To Action Western Washington joins in the

mission of our national organization which

educates, inspires, and activates Catholics to

act for justice and build inclusive communities

through a lens of anti-racism and anti

oppression principles.

Our Purpose

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Our Goals

Western Washington

Call To Action: Inspire Catholics, Transform Church

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Below is the recent update “new look” description of CTA USA
Outlined at The U.S. Bishops' 1976 Call To Action Conference; Proclaimed by 20,000 signers in CTA's "Call for Reform in the Catholic Church" (New York Times, Ash Wednesday, 1990); and Encouraged by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin in his Catholic Common Ground initiative.  (Click here for Church reform highlights.) Listed below are other documents which help explain how and why we exist as a community: We Support Intentional Fatih Communities.  See Links Page A Brief History of Call To Action Call To Action traces its history back to 1976. Call To Action: 25 Years of Spirituality and Justice A 25th anniversary retrospective issue of Spirituality/Justice Reprint. If you would like more information on Who We Are, especially on CTA's roots and development, substantial additional resources are available on the national organization's website.  
 We love the Church and want the gospel message of compassion and openness to be heard in a world torn by oppression and prejudice. We are convinced the Church must be open and just in its structures and practices. We all have the obligation to make the Church one of inclusion and joy. Our hope is that we may help to "rebirth" the Church from the grassroots level, and as we do so we nourish our faith with other CTA members who share our persuasion. CTA works for the kind of church personified by Pope John XXIII, glimpsed at the Second Vatican Council, and also — Officers of CTAWW for 2014-2015 President:           Betty Hill                  Vice-President    Rose Mary Rankins Secretary:           Pat Callahan Treasurer:           John Dunn